iK6BAK/P - SOTA I/UM-071 Monte Prati di Nocria

May 25, 2023


Walking to the summit (sports tracker)

Info about the magnificent "Abbazia di Sitria"


Log uploaded into:

LoTW, eQSL, Clublog, HRDLOG and of course SOTA database

Time           Callsign       Band         Mode        Notes
10:03          F5JKK          40m          CW          
10:03          OE7PHI         40m          CW          
10:04          HB9AGH         40m          CW          
10:05          IK2LEY         40m          CW          
10:06          OM1AX          40m          CW          
10:12          IS0LYN         20m          CW          
10:12          EA7GV          20m          CW          
10:13          SV3IEG         20m          CW          
10:14          ON5JT          20m          CW          
10:15          F5JKK          20m          CW          
10:16          SP9AMH         20m          CW          
10:17          F4WBN          20m          CW          
10:17          OK2PDT         20m          CW          
10:18          DL1FU          20m          CW          
10:22          GW0EVV/P       30m          CW          S2S GW/NW-011
10:26          HB9TVK/P       40m          CW          S2S HB/NW-014
10:33          LA/M0SNA/P     20m          SSB         S2S LA/MR-155
10:38          OK/DL2DXA/P    30m          CW          S2S OK/US-028
10:46          ON4ZD          30m          CW          
10:47          F5JKK          30m          CW          
11:20          DL6GCA/P       30m          CW          S2S DM/BW-661
11:25          IU8MVP         40m          SSB          
11:40          G4TGJ/P        20m          CW          S2S G/NP-031
12:01          M0KVI/P        20m          CW          S2S G/SE-002
12:05          GM4ZAO/P       20m          CW          S2S GM/SS-286
12:11          IK2LEY         40m          SSB          
12:12          OE6GND         40m          SSB          
12:13          S57ILF         40m          SSB          
12:14          IU8PXZ         40m          SSB          
12:25          2W0LWF/P       20m          SSB         S2S GW/NW-020
12:31          EI7INB         20m          SSB          
12:45          GW0WPO/P       20m          SSB         S2S GW/NW-018
13:06          G4AZS/P        20m          CW          S2S G/SP-004