iK6BAK/P - SOTA I/MC-085 Monte le Siere

Jun 22, 2023


On the way the magnificient Abbey of Sant'Emiliano, X century (wikipedia)

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22 June 2023
Time           Callsign       Band         Mode        S2S
10:50          F5JKK          30m          CW          
10:50          F6FTB          30m          CW          
10:52          GM4ZMK         30m          CW          
10:54          OK2PDT         30m          CW          
10:55          EA2DT          30m          CW          
10:56          PA0B           30m          CW          
10:59          DL/SP9MA/P     30m          CW          S2S DM/BW-057
11:05          HB9CBR         40m          CW          
11:05          OE6GND         40m          CW          
11:06          IK2LEY/P       40m          CW          S2S I/LO-330
11:07          HB9BAB/P       40m          CW          S2S HB/ZH-015
11:08          OE7PHI         40m          CW          
11:16          4X6FB/P        17m          CW          S2S 4X/NI-005
11:27          DL3AZ/P        20m          CW          S2S DM/TH-085
11:33          HB9/HA8LLH     40m          CW          S2S HB/TG-008
11:38          OK/DL6FBK/P    40m          CW          S2S OK/JC-133
11:46          DL/OE5REO/P    40m          SSB         S2S DL/AL-146
11:52          DL1DVE/P       40m          CW          S2S DM/BW-348
12:00          IK2LEY/P       40m          SSB         S2S I/LO-330
12:11          S58MU          40m          CW          
12:11          HB9CGA         40m          CW          
12:12          HB9CLT         40m          CW