iK6BAK/P - SOTA I/MC-076 Monte Pietralata

Mar 4, 2023

SOTA: I/MC-076 Monte Pietralata


Walking to the summit: https://www.sports-tracker.com/workout/

Video of the activation

Log Uploaded on:

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Time         Callsign      Band       Mode      Notes
10:03        EA2DT         20m        CW        
10:03        SA4BLM        20m        CW        
10:04        G4YTK         20m        CW        
10:04        HB9CBR        20m        CW        
10:05        SM5LNE        20m        CW        
10:06        EA5K          20m        CW        
10:06        OK2PDT        20m        CW        
10:07        DL3TU         20m        CW        
10:07        G4OBK         20m        CW        
10:08        DL2DXA        20m        CW        
10:08        HB9BHW        20m        CW        
10:09        SV2NCH        20m        CW        
10:10        EA3BFL        20m        CW        
10:10        SP6BOW        20m        CW        
10:10        SV2SOQ        20m        CW        
10:13        DL6FBK/P      20m        CW        S2S DM/BM-379
10:14        DL6MST        20m        CW        
10:14        DL8DXL        20m        CW        
10:15        G4YBU         20m        CW        
10:16        HB9CLT        20m        CW        
10:16        OK1FMJ        20m        CW        
10:17        G3TZA         20m        CW        
10:18        DL3GJ         20m        CW        
10:18        IK1WEG        20m        CW        
10:21        OE5FSM        40m        CW        
10:34        HB9CEV/P      40m        CW        S2S HB/SG-048
10:36        IN3NJB        40m        CW        
10:40        SP9WZS/P      40m        CW        S2S SP/BZ-032
10:44        IK2LEY        40m        CW        S2S I/LO-220
10:51        DL3HAH/P      40m        CW        S2S DM/RP-187