iK6BAK/P - SOTA I/MC-060 Monte Paganuccio (23 Apr 2023)

Apr 23, 2023

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Time           Callsign        Band         Mode        Notes
08:43          OK/HB9CBR/P     30m          CW          S2S OK/JC-009
08:48          IK8GGU          30m          CW          
08:50          F4WBN           30m          CW          
08:51          HB9CYV          30m          CW          
08:51          SP9AMH          30m          CW          
08:52          DK1WI           30m          CW          
09:03          OM6AN/P         30m          CW          S2S OM/ZA-031
09:08          SP9MA/P         40m          CW          S2S SP/BZ-081
09:11          OE5ARN/P        40m          CW          S2S OE/OO-102
09:20          9A/S57MS/P      10m          SSB         S2S 9A/GH-040
09:25          EA6/M0DLL       10m          SSB         
09:29          9A1CC           10m          SSB         
09:43          OK/SQ9MDF/P     40m          SSB         S2S OK/OL-008
09:51          IZ3NVR          40m          SSB         S2S I/AA-329
09:52          9A/S57MS/P      40m          SSB         S2S 9A/GH-040
09:52          S57ILF          40m          SSB         
09:53          S52ON           40m          SSB         
09:53          IU1KGS          40m          SSB         
09:54          OE7RGF          40m          SSB         
09:55          IU2NKJ          40m          SSB         
09:58          9A8RA/P         40m          CW          S2S 9A/DH-017
10:02          F4ISZ           40m          SSB         
10:11          DL/HB9EIZ/P     40m          SSB         S2S DM/BW-363