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I manufacture and build Morse Keys in my spare time and everyone needs a datum to start from. By using the Dynamometer from Eliseo IK6BAK, it is so easy to ensure every key you use is the same. Most CW operators hate others altering their key settings simply because it took them (In some cases) an awful long time to perfect. Contact adjustment is easy because we use feeler gauges but getting the tension settings identical is not the same using touch alone. The senses differ between the fingers and thumb and that is before we even think about hard skin. All my keys are shipped with identical settings per lever but once they arrive at their new home and tested the settings will probably be changed and never be equal again without the use of a measuring device such as this. Even if you do not prefer equal tensioning just how much different is each lever? Get a Dynamometer and take the guesswork out of your key settings. So get your favourite key out, record the measurements you prefer and then make your other keys identical. Housed in a nice wooden box and packed securely by Eliseo for shipping, this is one piece of equipment all MorseKeyteers should have in their shack and I would like to thank Ray G0EML for making me aware that such inexpensive measuring equipment was available and to IK6BAK for his great service.
Kevin Gunstone M0AGA
Eliseo IK6BAK, I am a small manufacturer of Morse Code Paddles I purchased a dynamometer to test my keys. It is a quality instrument that allows me to check for performance of the pivot movement in the keys. I would highly recommend the device for anyone that wants to measure lateral pressure on any device. It works perfectly for CW Paddles. I am very pleased with the device. It is a true bargain. I do really like the device and use it on a regular basis.
Jerry K8RA RA Manufacturing
asd Article from "The Keynote" a publication of the FISTS cw Group, Issue 1, 2013 By Bob, W2TAC
Through serendipitous web surfing, I recently became aware of a dynamometer being sold on eBay by Eliseo Chiarucci (IK6BAK) that is a wonderful tool for accurately setting spring tensions on iambic paddles and single lever telegraph keys. I was very impressed with Eliseo's service and the quality of the device. It comes in a felt-lined wooden box. It doesn't come with instructions, but search on Youtube "Dynamometer to adjust Iambic Paddle". It was no surprise to me that the tension levels on my Begali Scolpture paddle were far from identical (thanks to my adjustements... not Piero Begali) before I set them both to 20 grams after watching the video. With the dynamometer you can ensure each paddle is set to the tension you prefer. This is a quality, nicely packaged instrument.
Ciao Eliseo, The dynamometer arrived today in perfect condition. I used it to adjust my Schurr Profi-2 and Bencher. I adjust to 20gram and also set the contact gaps to be equal at 0.1mm with a feeler gauge. This attitude did fit me perfect. Thank you for making this device available. 73 Ingvar SM6CBQ
Dear Eliseo, Thank you for sending the dynamometer that I ordered through eBay. It arrived safely yesterday and I am now watching the YouTube videos so that I can learn how to set up my CW keys. Many Thanks. Dave Ackrill (G0DJA)
Ciao Eliseo, The dynamometer arrived in perfect condition. I used it to adjust my Schurr Profi-2 and Bencher. I adjust to 20gram and also set the contact gaps to be equal at 0.1mm with a feeler gauge. This attitude did fit me perfect. Thank you for making this device available.
73 Ingvar SM6CBQ
Tried your dynamometer to adjust my Begali sculpture today. Very fine instrument and now I have adjust the left and right paddle to exactly 25 gramm, much better feeling now. Every CW-OP should have a dynamometer in his shack.
73 de Harry, DK2GZ HSC 1008 - VHSC 112 - SHSC 50 FOC 1879
A perfect tool indeed. My Begali Graciella paddle was 40g on one side and 50g on the other. It feels so much better at 25g on both sides. I will try 20g when I have has some practice with the lighter setting.
Best 73 de Rich GI4DOH/GI5I
Hi Eliseo.. The dynamometer arrived safely last week. Thank you very much. I knew it would be useful, but I didn't realise just HOW useful it is!! It actually makes my CW more accurate, because I can equalise the pressure on both sides of my paddle. .. Fantastic! {:o) Tks agn, es vy 73 John EI7BA
Hi Eliseo,today I received the shipment.I use Vibroplex Iambic force was 8 grams for dashes and 20 grams for dots. Now the pressure is set to 20 grams for dashes and dots.GRAZIE ELISEO. '73 Artur SP3LPR
Hi Eliseo, the dynamometer arrived safely this morning. Thank you very much. I know it would be useful for me. I got a Bencher paddle and I'm going to try the same setting you use. (space 0.9 mm and 23gms pressure). CW feeling now is increased, hi.... I can equalise the pressure on both sides of my paddle and now I feel it better. See you soon Eliseo. Tnx, vy 73's de i8cee, Sal
Greetings Eliseo, I recently purchased one of you dynamometers on Ebay. I am in the process of designing and manufacturing Iambic paddles. This tool has become a part of the testing/adjusting portion of that process. I believe the even adjustment of the two paddles gives the user a favorable first impression. In addition, it has improved my sending ability as well. Thank you and 73, de Tom Wynkoop-kb3krn
Salve Eliseo, I am using the dynamometer to adjust my Begali signature, Vibroplex square racer, and all the iambic keyers I have. I am not the best CW operator so far, but this tool is a great help for me because it provides a measure of the amount of pressure you need to apply to the levers of your keyer, not only trusting your fingers feel. I have shown this tools to my Ham Radio colleages here in Madrid, far better CW operators than me, and very few of them knew about this useful tool. Best 73 dr Eliseo de EA4MZ - Moises Mo.
Eliseo ik6bak, There are about 15 keys in my small collection. The jewel is the N2DAN Mercury (beautiful chrome), but I enjoy using the N3ZN ZN-9A key the most (very crisp and fast). Each key has its own personality and it's nice to be able to switch around. The dynamometer will help to adjust all the keys for best settings, so it will be interesting to see how it helps. I like a light touch with close contact spacing, and normally send about 30 wpm. As an engineer, I'm familiar with dynamometers, but it never occurred to me to use them to balance and adjust CW keys. 73 de joe wz3b
Dear Eliseo, It is a mirackle you can sell that instrument to that price : laquered woodbox, hammerpainted instrument etc very very good. Have set my paddle to 20 g, on the fingergrips, which meant 30 g on the contacts. Have you seen the K4TWJ posthumous publication: KEYS IV .....AND MORE (The grande finale) ? It is on Vy 73 Steen oz8sw
Hello Eliseo, the Dynamometer arrived in excellent condition. What a neat gadget to have in the shack. Thanks es hpe to cu on the air sn....73 Pete W5PEH
The dynamometer arrived today in perfect condition. I used it to adjust my favorite Italian beauties: Begali Signature and Frattini Professional. They are better than ever! Ciao! 73 de W3JTM Jack
Hello Eliseo, I got one of your dynamometers. No doubt, it's a gadget - but: I use it to put my paddle to a point to start from. The rest of adjustment is individual. This is still in progress since I am advancing my skills. So when I try a new adjustment, I record the old and new dynamometer reading. This is an easy way to get the best setting. And to re-adjust whenever necessary. Measuring is always better than guessing... Keep on making good things! 73, Raimund DK4DM
Ciao Eliseo, Pressure Measurements for CW-Paddles Fingers are a sensible instrument, but you never know if your own fingers behave as predicted. It is easy to measure and adjust the contact gap of a paddle with a feeler gauge. But when it comes to adjusting the paddle tension your on your own until now...
Dear Eliseo, I bought a dynamometer to set the pressure of the springs in the rotary dial of an old telephone that I was repairing. The dynamometer was admired by a friend, and I bought a couple more as gifts. It appears to be a quality instrument. Best wishes Geoff
Hi dear Eliseo, I used the dynamometer to adjust my iambic paddle to 20 grams and the results was fantatisc. I am very happy with the results. I recommend to all hams that have iambic paddle to have this tool. Sasso - PY2IU
I got the Dynamometer yesterday and I thank you for that. After playing with my new Begali Magnetic Pro, I was able to set the paddles to my specific need.... It was great to be able to tight the paddles a bit more. Great device.... I must recommend it to anyone. 73s Rafael / NN3RP
Ciao Eliseo. I did have a quick play with the dynamometer before I went away and came up with a couple of good things: with the Dynamometer I was able to set spring tensions for both left and right paddles on an iambic device, I found that equal tensions allowed me to set the contact gaps extremely fine. Some paddles such as the Galbraith are not as precise as others and are not conducive to faster sending. All keys and paddles have their mechanical limitations. Those limitations can be optimised with careful adjustment. One can have a paddle capable of sixty words a minute (how nice it would be to send faultlessly at that speed, even nicer to copy) but because of mal-adjustment will not operate at any where near that speed. Now, you may not be able to send at sixty words a minute but if the paddles are set up for optimum (user friendly) you can lope along at your speed and it is so much more comfortable to do so. It is also possible to measure and set pendulum rates on Vibroplexes and duplicate them with some accuracy. As for straight keys, with a little ingenuity and some home-brew adaptors it is possible to measure some quite heavy spring tensions which are repeatable. Set up the spring tension, and the contact gap for good comfortable sending. If you are a die-hard CW operator who, at times, likes to use different keys you can duplicate, well almost, the feel of your favourite key on others. Then the world will think that you are a Gun Operator because your Morse sending is so good. I use the whole forearm and wrist combined with the spring tension and contact gap British Style for better control. I think it works. Many years ago, when I first came on the air with a straight key, my first contact was with the late great gun CW operator Greta, ZL2AGS. She paid me the best compliment, Tony my boy you have the makings of a great fist there. Three of four years later the sidetone oscillator of my FT-200 died and I sent for two hours without it. My oppos told me they could not tell the difference, I am still hoping it was all good. Tony, VK2ADQ, formerly ZL3DQ.
Hi Eliseo, I have now adjusted the paddles with the Dynamometer so that they are now both equal pressure and also set the contact gaps to be equal at 0.03mm with a feeler gauge. The AGA CHEVRON now feels much smoother and hopefully my cw will also sound better. So once again many thanks for all the information on your web site. Take care and see you on the bands again. Ciao Ciao. 73 Peter M0CYR
Hello Eliseo, The dynamometer is absolutely brilliant. I am finally able to adjust my paddles perfectly and sending CW is such a pleasure now. Thank you for making this device available. 73 Thor, TF4M ex 4W3DX, 4W6MM
Hi Eliseo, I had always believed that my Schurr Profi 2 paddles had uneven pressure one side compared with the other. The dynamometer proves that not to be the case so it must be my sending style! For the money, this is a quality instrument which is reminiscent of the days when all good devices came in a proper wooden box! It's a real treasure, I almost feel like I should be putting it out on display! Stephen G4SJP