(Manipolatore telegrafico rotante autocostruito)

The rotating manipulator and the disc of forty centimeters of diameter were built by ik8jzk Ruggero Billeri Naples Italy.
This is a rotating telegraphic manipulator to actable speed driven by electric engine a 24 v.dc.
The disc for the telegraphic manipulation to some contact on the periphery of the of several or less wide one circumference depending if these contact must riproduce the point or the line of the code telegraph.
 The contact are connecting at the center for the common return of the current which drives a rele' manipulator.
It is a reproduction of a device used by Italian Army during WWII in Africa.






This is an electronic manipulatur telegraph, built by IK8JZK Roger Naples Italy, which uses two triode doubles 6SNT GT in circuit to multivibrator and was used on the Japanes planes type zero during the second World War.